3D Printing Technology Allows Researchers To Create Robotic Scale Models of Dinosaurs

Drexel University researchers are currently working on the se of 3D printers for the creation of robotic scale models of dinosaurs, by creating copies of dinosaur bones. The researchers want to create robotic models of the dinosaurs, in a smaller size.

The first step is the 3D scanning of the bones and getting that information on the computer. Next, a 3D printer is used together with the scan results, to create 3D objects. The method used can be extrusion, but it can also be the forcing of a material which resembles resin, in ultra thin form, through the manufacturing die.

With the help of this technology, it is hoped that scale models of dinosaurs could be created for museums and for research purposes. The researchers that are working on this right now are looking to study the reproduction habits and the movement of dinosaurs, by looking at the robotic scale models and the way they move.[Source]


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